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Robotic Glove Rehabilitation Device


Bionics is now a scientific reality! Researchers, doctors and engineers are creating ways to help patients speed up their rehabilitation by allowing them to perform more tasks on their own. In the application below, the LSB200 sensor is small enough to be mounted on the wiring of a bionic glove, which is responsible for measuring the forces of simulated tendons on the hand. From the measured data, a patient can get a glove tailored to their level of assistance.


How it Works :

  1. The LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell is mounted inline of the assistance actuator and tendon wire.

  2. The LSB200 load cell will measure forces required to do basic tasks for rehabilitation treatments.

  3. Measurement feedback collected from the LSB200 can be used to diagnose the current status of the patient and track future improvements.

  4. These measurements can be streamed from the USB220 up to 4,800 samples per second to a PC for data capture and analysis.

  5. Or the the load cell outputs can be amplified to a PLC with the IAA Series Analog Amplifiers.