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Orion Deployment Mechanism

Aerospace parachute deployment mechanics require high precision load cells throughout the testing phase. NASA's Orion capsule utilized FUTEK load cells to measure the force of the payload applied against the parachute system.

How it Works
  1. NASA missions require the highest in quality during auditing phases of their components. The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle mission was no different.

  2. For this application, FUTEK's load cells served as the auditing tool measuring the force of the payload (the Orion capsule) against the cables from the parachute deployment mechanism.

  3. Two solutions were developed to fit this application's requirements.

  4. In the first solution, quality assurance engineers could install FUTEK's Miniature Threaded In Line Load Cell between the cables creating a wire tension measurement application.

  5. The second solution allows these engineers to mount the Donut/Thru Hole Load Cells at the base of the deployment system to measure the immediate and continue force the payload applied to the parachute cables.

  6. Both solution options provided NASA's test engineers with highly accurate testing data.