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Measuring mass flow with a load cell


With an adapter, the FUTEK LSM Series load cell is capable of measuring the mass flow of solid particles in any process line.


How does it work ?

  1. FUTEK partners with several control device manufacturers to design and develop OEM load cells for continuous particle flow measurement.

  2. FUTEK's LSM series sensors are side-mounted sensors capable of measuring voltage and compression with built-in overload protection.

  3. This application concept illustrates the LSM load cell attached to a counterbalance assembly, in which the force sensing point measures movements of the platen surface.

  4. The measurement output can be transmitted to an amplifier, digital display or data stream via USB technology.

  5. The digital display or USB link allows operators to use FUTEK's SENSIT™ test and measurement software, where they can record results in graphical and data form.



Products Used :

OEM load cell (LSM series) combined with instrumentation (IAA series, IPM650, IHH500 and USB solutions).