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Sailing Ship Rigging Tension


Sailboats of all sizes need to adjust their sail rigging to maximize performance in the expected sea conditions. This requires that the cables and ropes used in the rig be preloaded to a specific tension. To measure the preload applied to the ropes and cables, threaded in-line sensors are used.

How it works :

  1. An LCM525 series load cell mounts in-line on the mast rigging.
  2. When the rigging is tightened, the IHH500 display reads the output of the LCM525 and displays it.
  3. This allows the sailor to view the line tension in real time while the rig is being adjusted.
  4. By incorporating a TEDS chip in the Binder © plug attached to the LCM525, the IHH500 digital indicator can be switched between sensors without the need to reprogram the IHH500.