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Pull-off Test of Coating

This is pull-off test for adhesion of coating.
This video introduces testing complying with ISO 4624: 2002 Paint and varnished - Pull-off test for adhesion.

As per a requirement of the standard, tensile force is applied perpendicularly to the coated surface to be pulled off within 90 seconds at the speed of which does not exceed 1MPa/s. The force value required to pull off the coating is recorded as the test result. Pull the adhered dolly until the sample breaks and obtain the maximum force value. This maximum value is converted to MPa to calculate the breaking strength. IMADA graphing software graphs the relationship between force and time during the test to confirm whether the requirements are met. It also visualizes the load transition for fracture. In addition, with high-speed sampling of 2000 data per second, IMADA force gauge used in this test captures accurate maximum force value.

Test 6 or more samples and show the average, maximum and minimum fracture strengths calculated as a result. Watch the video for test details.

The tests in this standard ISO 4624: 2002 are used in R&D and quality control.

Products used:

  • ZTS Series - Digital Electronic Dynamometer
  • MX2 Series - Vertical Motorized Force Test Bench
  • TH Series - Coating Surface Peel Test Accessory
  • UJ6-1000N / UJ10-5000N - Universal joint
  • CB-528 - Connection cable between MX2 & ZTS

This video shows the testing image of objective sample. Some samples may not be suitable to measure with this configuration depending on their materials or shapes.
The example of product configuration is for your reference only. It varies depending on sample, measurement method and testing capacity.
The products used in this video may differ from the example of product configuration.
Please select the right product model for the product configuration. Refer to the specification of each product for the compatibility.