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Wire connectors pullout test

This is pullout test of a crimped connector of wire harness complying with the corresponding part of UL 486A-486B: Edition 3.

In this test, our auto crimp tester keeps pulling crimped connector of wire harness for 60 sec with steady force at a constant pace to check if the connector breaks or not. If you change jigs to hold connectors, you can conduct this test for various shapes of wire connectors.
This test is carried out by using "Keep mode" of our auto crimp tester which allows users to conduct durability tests easily.

Also you can implement measurements complying with other standards. 

Product used:

  • ACT-1000N - Automatic Crimp Tester

This video shows the testing image of objective sample. Some samples may not be suitable to measure with this configuration depending on their materials or shapes.
The example of product configuration is for your reference only. It varies depending on sample, measurement method and testing capacity. The products used in this video may differ from the example of product configuration.
Please select the right product model for the product configuration. Refer to the specification of each product for the compatibility.