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Aluminum Foil Breaking Strength Test

Aluminum foil is used in a wide range of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, electrical equipment and industry.

In this video, the breaking strength (easiness of tearing) of aluminum foil for food is measured. Both ends of the aluminum foil are gripped and pulled until it breaks, then the peak force represents the breaking strength. To grip the thin and fragile aluminum foil firmly without tear, a flat chuck with parallel claws (optional) is used . In addition, the optional graphing software shows the entire force transition until the aluminum foil breaks, which helps you analyze the breaking strength.

The breaking strength of aluminum foil for other industries can also be tested.

Products used:

  • ZTS-500N - Standard Model Digital Force Gauge.
  • MX2-500N - Standard Type Vertical Motorized Test Stand.
  • GCF-1200 - Flat Chuck.
  • OP-GCF-C40 - Replaceable claws of GCF-1200.
  • Force Recorder Standard - Force-Time (Torque-Time) Graphing Software.
  • CB-528 - Force Control Cable (MX2/EMX - ZT connection).

This video shows the testing image of objective sample. Some samples may not be suitable to measure with this configuration depending on their materials or shapes.
The example of product configuration is for your reference only. It varies depending on sample, measurement method and testing capacity. The products used in this video may differ from the example of product configuration.
Please select the right product model for the product configuration. Refer to the specification of each product for the compatibility.