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Load cell

Sensel Measurement commercializes and designs a large range of strain gage force sensors, the most technology which is used in sensor manufacturing . A force sensor is a transmitter which converts a physical force in an electrical signal proportional to the applied force. The choice of the load cell suitable to your application is a hard work, due to the fact that each sensor has its own characteristics. We will try to clarify this point and so help you to choice the most suitable sensor for your need.

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A.“Pancake”' type load cell

The “pancake” type sensors, are thin sensors, often recommended for uses requiring accuracy and stiffness. The structure of the pancake type sensor is less sensitive to the crosstalk due to transverse forces, torques or moments than the others type of sensors. The pancake type force sensors present a wide choice of measurement in forces range from 25 kg to 500 metric tons. This sensor is also often used for endurance and strain application.

B. “S” type sensors

The “S” type sensor, is the most frequently used. It offers a very good accuracy and a wide range of measurement. It is exclusively designed for aligned forces in traction and compression The force has to be well aligned to ensure efficiency and durability.

C.« Button » type sensors

The « Button” type force sensors are only compression sensor. For keeping the accuracy, the effort must be applied right on the button, and avoid all contact with the body of the sensor. This type of sensor is currently used in medical applications or another type of applications requiring the use of small size sensors.

D. « Force washers »

The force washers are low heights sensors with a center hole. The force has to be applied on the centre of the washer uniformly, so it is usual to use an additional washer to do that. The force washers, despite their low sizes, offer a very large range of force measurement from 20 kg until 20 tons. This type of sensors is often used for measuring clamping forces.


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