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Tensile test on the termination of high voltage cables


This is a tensile test on the crimped terminal of high voltage cables according to JIS C2805:2010. First, a constant force is applied to the terminal for a period of 10 seconds. After checking the condition of the terminal, a breakage test is performed. This procedure is used for research and development as well as for quality control. It is used for R&D and quality control.



  1. To perform this test, we recommend using a ZTS series force gauge.

  2. The test shown in the video above, presents a configuration adapted to a specific cable.

  3. It is therefore necessary to modify certain elements such as the duration of the test, the force applied or the accessories used in order to be able to adapt perfectly to the measurement of different materials or shapes.

  4. Please select the correct product model for optimal configuration. Refer to the specifications of each product for compatibility data.


Products Used :

ZTS Series - High capacity digital dynamometer.

MX2 Series - Standard type vertical motorized test stand.

CW-5000N - Cable clamp.

CH-5000N - Terminal clamp for crimp pull test.

CB-528 - Force control cable (For MX2/EMX, ZT connection).