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Measurement of the closing force of a car hood


The maximum closing force of a car hood is measured with the IMADA force gauge and its round tip. Simply push the dynamometer directly on the hood until the latch is locked, the maximum force exerted during the effort will then be indicated on the dynamometer. This test is used for inspection, safety evaluation and quality control.



  1. It is possible to send the measured data to the software without connecting to the PC thanks to our wireless transmission module.

  2. This video shows a rather objective test example. Some applications may not be suitable for measurement with this configuration due to their materials or shapes.

  3. The example of this product configuration is given as an indication only. It will therefore vary depending on the sample and the measurement method as well as the test capacity.

  4. The products used in this video may differ from the product configuration example. Please select the correct product model for the product configuration. Refer to each product's specifications for compatibility.

  5. However, the round tip is still available, please contact us for details.


Products used :

  • RZTA-1000N/RDSV-1000N/RFB-750N - Muscle force measurement device
  • WL01 Series - Wireless Data Transmitter
  • Standard force recorder - Software for creating force-time graphs