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Humanoid Robot Load Cell

FUTEK partnered with The Robot Studio, a specialist in biometric robotic hardware, to construct a full functioning humanoid robot. There are over 60 of FUTEK's LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cells in operation monitoring the robot's movements.

How it Works

  1.     In 2012, The Robot Studio decided to replicate human mechanics by developing the most precise and complex mechanism - a humanoid robot.
  2.     While emulating the structure and geometry of human forelimbs, all bones, joints and connective tissue required force monitoring.
  3.     The Robot Studio employed FUTEK's LSB200 Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell to audit the mechanical loads as the humanoid operated.
  4.     Being that size constraints were a challenge, the miniature load cell fit perfectly into the architecture of the design and delivered exact force measurements via USB Solutions.
  5.     These loads were streamed onto a PC and analyzed through FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.