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Adhesive Tape Peel Strength Test


During this test, the tape is pulled to measure the peeling force exerted on it. The data obtained can be visualized graphically on a force-displacement diagram using our software (included).

This type of test is often used for quality control and research and development. The entire test is performed in accordance with the relevant part of the JIS standard.



  1. This video highlights the peel test for one type of tape. Some tapes may not be suitable for this measurement configuration due to their different materials or shapes.

  2. This example of a configuration is only given as a guide. It will vary depending on the tape, measurement method and test capacity.

  3. Please select the correct product model by referring to the specifications of each product to ensure compatibility.


Products used :

  • FSA Series - Test stand for force and displacement measurement.
  • PN90-200N - 90° peel test accessory.
  • FC - Flat clamp for thin films and tapes.