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Settlement Cell measures settlement and heave in soil and rockfill. Using measurement data from the settlement cell can help to control further displacement.

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Settlement Cell/Transducer 15 metres 30 metres / Range 150kPa 300kPa
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Accuracy ±0.1% full scale
Linearity ±0.1% full scale
Resolution1 0.025% full scale
Over range 200% full scale
Diaphragm displacement <0.001cm³
Temperature range -20 to +80°C
Excitation method Pluck and sweep
Operating frequency 1600 to 3000Hz

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Digital Hydrostatic Profile Gauge

Range +1m to -3.5m
Resolution 1mm
Accuracy ±10mm
Repeatability 2 ±10mm
Operating temperature -10 to +50°C


Length 360mm
Diameter 28.5mm
Material Stainless Steel


Tube lengths 50m | 100m | 200m
Tube diameter 12mm
Graduation interval 1m
Graduation marker material Stainless Steel

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