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Weld joint shear test


The purpose of this application is to perform a shear strength test on the solder points of an electronic board. With this test, it is possible to measure the pull-out force applied to the components according to the relevant part of JIS Z3198-7: 2003.

This test is useful for quality control and for research and development.



  1. This video highlights the pull-out test by considering the size and shape of the electronic circuit. This configuration may not be compatible with other cases using other components.

  2. This example of a configuration is given as a guide only. It will vary depending on the circuit, measurement method and test capability.

  3. Please select the correct product model by referring to the specifications of each product to ensure compatibility.


Products used :

  • ZTS Series - Digital electronic dynamometer.
  • MX2 Series - Force test bench with counter and timer.
  • SJ / SJS Series - Specific accessories available upon request.