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Test method for measuring the sealing force of flexible barriers


Medical devices and pharmaceuticals are used for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human and animal diseases. Therefore, a high level of safety is required and many of these items are subject to very strict standards and regulations. This video shows how to measure the sealing force of flexible barrier materials that comply with the relevant part of ASTM F88/F88M-15: 2015. 

With the optional graphical software, the user can view the relationship between load and displacement at the same time as the measurement.



  1. This video highlights an example test for a specific sample. Other samples may not be suitable for measurement with this configuration due to their shape, size or materials.

  2. The example product configuration is for illustrative purposes only. It varies depending on the sample to be tested, the measurement method and the test capacity.

  3. Please refer to the individual product specifications to ensure compatibility.


Products used :

  • FSA Series - Force and Displacement Measurement Unit

  • FC Series - Flat Film Clamp