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Insertion-extraction test of perfume bottle's cap


In this test, the cap of a perfume bottle is repeatedly extracted/inserted to measure durability for quality control and research and development.



  1. We recommend the use of the ZTS series for this test.

  2. It is likely that some samples cannot be measured with this configuration due to their different materials or shapes. Please contact us for technical advice before purchase.

  3. This video shows an extraction and insertion test for a specific sample. This configuration is therefore only indicative. It will vary depending on the sample, the measurement method and the test capacity.

  4. Please refer to the individual product specifications to select the most appropriate configuration for your application.


Products used :

  • ZTS/ZTA Series - Digital electronic dynamometer.
  • MX2 Series - Vertical motorized force test stand with counter and display.
  • Fixtures - Custom fixtures available upon request.